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The Westinghouse Customer Training Website is a portal to the extensive catalog of training programs offered by Westinghouse. The Website provides customers with a streamlined process for identifying and registering for scheduled courses. Westinghouse offers customized and on-site courses to meet individualized training needs.


The Westinghouse Nuclear Training Website offers:

Training Solutions
To view the course catalog, users can click on “Training Solutions” and pick their plant type and desired training program to see a list of available options.

Contact Us
Users can click on “Contact Us” to inquire about scheduling, pricing and custom training options.

Upcoming Courses
To see what courses are currently scheduled, users can click on “Upcoming Courses” and choose a range of dates. Scheduled courses include dates and location information, and the user can click on a course to get more information or to enroll.

Engineering Training
Reactor Engineering Programs are designed for operations, startup and refueling engineers with all levels of experience.

Safety and Accident Management Programs provide instruction to plant technical personnel in the areas of nuclear plant safety and accident management guidelines.

Instrumentation and Control Training
Instrumentation and Control (I&C) training programs cover both analog and digital I&C Systems as well as distributed process systems.

The courses provide plant engineering and technical personnel with classroom and hands-on instruction in theory, operations and maintenance of these systems.

Maintenance Training
Refueling equipment operations and tool maintenance programs provide a combination of classroom training and hands-on training on that equipment under dry, non-contaminated conditions.

Operations Training
Introductory pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) courses provide systems training on both reactor types. The Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Equivalency Certification Program is designed to give experienced students’ knowledge and skills similar to those of an SRO with the option to select a course on a Westinghouse standard nuclear unit power plant system or on the new AP1000 power plant system.


Westinghouse training services can help customers achieve their goal of having a well-trained staff, which is essential for the safe and effective operation of a power plant. Some of the courses available are listed below. For a full list of the available courses, please visit the website.


Blended Online Learning Courses

  • Nuclear Instrumentation System*
  • Rod Control System*
  • Digital Rod Position Indication System*

*Includes 40 hours of hands-on troubleshooting

Face-to-Face Vintage I&C Systems Courses

  • 7300 Process Instrumentation
  • Solid State Reactor Protection
  • Nuclear Instrumentation

Digital Systems

  • Digital Metal-Impact Monitoring System
  • Rod Position Indication Systems
  • Inadequate Core Cooling Monitor System

Ovation™ and Common Q™ Platform Courses

  • Ovation™ System Overview
  • Ovation™ Process Control
  • Common Q™ Family Courses

Reactor Engineering Courses

  • Station Nuclear Engineer Applications (for Combustion Engineering and Westinghouse plants)
  • Advanced Station Nuclear Engineer Refresher
  • Reactor Engineering Training Program

Safety/Accident Management Courses

  • PWR Transient and Accident Analysis and Mitigating Core Damage
  • Severe Accident Management Guidelines
  • Emergency Operating Procedures Refresher

PWR Information and Operations Course

  • Introduction to PWR or BWR
  • SRO Equivalency Certification Program
  • Shift Technical Advisor (STA) Training

Nuclear Fuel Courses

  • Coolant Activity Analysis
  • BEACON™ Family Courses Core Monitoring System
  • Nuclear Design
  • Thermal Hydraulic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Fuel Rod Design

New Plant Training

  • AP1000 Plant Licenses Operator Training
  • Operations Supervisory Support Training
  • Maintenance Work Management Training
  • AP1000 Plant Maintenance Courses

Maintenance Courses

  • Refueling Equipment
  • Advanced Refueling Rquipment
  • Advanced Refueling Equipment Maintenance and Operations

BWR Instrumentation and Control

  • Nuclear Instrumentation System
  • Traversing Incore Probe System
  • BWR Systems for I&C Technicians

Customized Courses
Westinghouse can develop custom courses to meet individual training needs at the customer's request. For additional course information, visit our website: training.westinghousenuclear.com

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