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Chemistry Services

Chemistry performance in a nuclear power plant strongly influences the efficiency of power operation, refueling outages, and routine maintenance. Utilities’ chemistry needs range from approval of consumable compatibility to a complete range of chemistry support for operations and outages.

Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) Seismic Restraint Reduction / Elimination

The CRDM seismic support assembly is typically equipped with four radial seismic restraints that resist lateral translation of the CRDM seismic support platform, and two tangential seismic restraint assemblies that resist CRDM seismic support platform rotation. Both the radial and tangential seismic restraints are typically designed to take tension loadings only.

Interactive Work Management System

Westinghouse Electric Company has extensive experience in developing and successfully deploying computerized procedure systems worldwide. The Interactive Work Management System (IWMS) integrates field application of the computerized procedure system with a powerful work management integration platform.

Non-LOCA Safety Analysis Services

Background Westinghouse maintains responsibility for the final safety analysis report (FSAR), and nonloss- of-coolant accident (LOCA) analyses for numerous Westinghouse-, Combustion Engineering- (CE-) and non Westinghousedesigned plants worldwide, including the System-80+ and the Westinghouse AP1000™ plant designs.

Radiation Engineering and Analysis

Operators of nuclear power plants frequently face problems that require accurate characterization and analysis of radiation. The wide-ranging difficult issues that can arise can be far beyond the scope of typical radiation analyses, such as nuclear fuel design and accident analysis services. The Westinghouse team of radiation experts can answer the tough questions on radiation analysis, and Westinghouse offers a suite of products to assist with radiation and thermal measurements.

Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsule Evaluation and Fabrication Programs

Background Westinghouse provides post-irradiation testing and evaluation of the reactor vessel material specimens, thermal monitors and dosimeters contained in the surveillance capsules to monitor the effects of neutron irradiation on the reactor vessel beltline materials under actual operating conditions.