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Enhanced Inventory Management

Many nuclear utilities are struggling with high inventory levels and cost, while still facing vulnerabilities of not stocking parts critical to safety and plant operation. Enhanced Inventory Management addresses these challenges by reducing inventory levels and associated costs. The service is a key element of the OptiLifeTM Service Center which utilizes Westinghouse’s industry-best data capabilities and engineering subject matter experts to optimize inventory for our customers.

Enhanced Inventory Management - Outage

Many nuclear utilities are challenged to identify gaps with respect to parts needs for upcoming outages. Due to long lead times and lack of work demand visibility, these gaps result in a lack of preparedness for planned outage scope.

Enhanced Procurement Engineering

Nuclear utilities are struggling with a strategic approach to managing the overwhelming challenges in Procurement Engineering. Customer have been challenged with the headwinds of obsolescence, attrition, retention and wasteful spend while determining solutions to Procurement Engineering Challenges in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

OptiLife™ Service Center

Around the globe, utilities need a better, smarter way to make informed decisions: ones that minimize outages, lower costs, increase energy output and broaden profit margins. With Westinghouse’s OptiLife™ Service Center, our dedicated experts make data-driven management more efficient — and effective — than ever.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Westinghouse is uniquely positioned to help nuclear utilities implement and maintain an industry leading Preventive Maintenance Program based on its engineering expertise, data analysis capabilities, and ongoing technical support for plant maintenance and operations.