eVinci™ Micro Reactor Emissions Free Heat and Power

The Westinghouse Solution

The eVinci microreactor’s innovative design combines new technologies with 60+ years of commercial nuclear design and engineering and creates a cost competitive and resilient source of power with superior reliability and minimal maintenance. Its small size allows for transportability and rapid, on-site deployment in contrast to plants requiring large amounts of construction. eVinci can produce 5MWe with a 13MWth core design. The reactor core is designed to run for eight or more full power years before refueling.

The key benefits of the eVinci microreactor are attributed to its advanced heat pipe technology. The heat pipes enable passive heat transfer, eliminating the complexity of a forced flow reactor coolant system. Westinghouse is building on decades of nuclear instrument and control experience to support capability for fully autonomous operation with remote monitoring.

Customer Benefits

eVinci offers many benefits and can support achievement of global net zero carbon goals.

eVinci minimizes construction costs and labor and can be installed and placed into operation in less than 30 days. It is designed for safe and reliable electricity and heat generation and is the most advanced nuclear technology solution that provides invaluable benefits to both industry and communities.

eVinci Key Attributes:

  • Reliable energy source in all weather conditions, temperatures and locations
  • Immediate load-following and load-shed capabilities
  • Flexible energy with scale-up and scale-down capabilities as mining operation grows or reaches end of life
  • Eliminates commodity risk from diesel fuel as well as interruptions because of seasonal challenges of transport to remote communities
  • Above-ground installation requires minimum ground disruption with less than a 2 acre footprint
  • Seamless, reliable pairing with wind, solar and hydro
  • Transportability in shipping containers via rail, barge, truck