Integrated Outage Model

Your key to superior outage performance, predictability and lower cost

The Westinghouse Solution

Westinghouse is uniquely qualified to perform turn-key services utilizing its OEM experience, state-of-the-art technology and skilled workforce to help utilities successfully complete outage campaigns. We have excelled in performing these services for over 40 years, on five continents, resulting in top-quartile performance for our clients. Together, we have achieved safe operations, extended component life, and maximized power output.

Westinghouse has built upon this experience and expanded skillsets to bring clients our Integrated Outage Model. This model enables Westinghouse to partner with our clients to execute self-sufficient, comprehensive outages encompassing:

  • Conceptual Design, Planning & Design Change Packages
  • Procurement and Component Build
  • Repairs, Upgrades and Modifications
  • Integration and Installation
  • Power Generation Projects and Maintenance
  • Outage and Work Management
  • Operational Support
  • Parts Solutions
  • Staffing
  • Training

Customer Benefits

This integrated scope of activities offers customers the opportunity to engage in customized solutions ranging from specific outage services to an integrated outage solution that provides efficiency gains, cost reductions and overall coordination with reduced commercial risk.

Integrated services benefit customers through innovative outage optimization and creative solutions for emergent issues, with consistency across the organization that promotes accountability, safety and high quality. This uniquely Westinghouse partnership model leverages our full capabilities in alignment with the utility’s goals to ensure the highest quality performance, continuous improvement, reduced schedule duration, easier outage management and cost savings for utilities.

Integrated Outage Model Value Benefits

Westinghouse provides a single multi-disciplined team with a single point of accountability, focused on a unique goal to partner with the customer to achieve safe, event free, predictable outages that out-perform utility cost & schedule objectives.

  • One Safety approach
  • Dedicated Westinghouse leadership team actively participates in outage planning and goal setting
  • Simplifies communication through reduced layers and fewer handoffs
  • Maximizes critical path schedule efficiencies
  • Eliminates service delay cost risks between vendors
  • Faster emergent issue resolution through the Westinghouse Outage Control Center, WEC Engineering, Parts and emergent response teams
  • Optimized staffing and vendor management enabling cost savings
  • Expertise in enhanced training, all handled together


Integrated Outage Team Leading to Efficiency Gains and Cost Reductions

Westinghouse Capabilities

Westinghouse now has a full suite of complementary outage service capabilities to address every utility outage need. This simplified model provides streamlined outages, leveraging the full breadth of Westinghouse design knowledge, infrastructure and next generation solutions, with our expert field teams to create value for our clients.

Full Scope Outage Capabilities

  • Inspection Services
  • Reactor Services
  • FHE Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Reactor Component Upgrades
  • Field Engineering
  • Specialty Welding and Machining
  • I&C Services
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Full Turbine/Generator Services
  • Valves (MOV/AOV/General)
  • Civil & Scaffolding
  • Maintenance, Modification, Construction
  • Radiation Protection
  • Staffing

Integrated Resources

  • Integrated site leadership team
  • Outage Optimization (duration & cost reductions)
  • Outage Control Centers & Digitalization o Lookahead
    • o Emergent issue management
    • o Timely sharing of OE and best practices
  • Training & Simulation
  • Parts solutions
  • Ability to utilize full breadth of Westinghouse, including engineering, supply chain, etc

Engineering Enablement

  • All disciplines
  • Program management
  • Streamlined technical data inputs
  • EPC capabilities to optimize costs
  • Component design and manufacture
  • Instrumentation & Controls Systems
  • Licensing


Westinghouse’s Integrated Outage Model provides an optimized approach to outages, providing all services needed to address Nuclear Steam Supply Services, Power Generation Project Work Scope and Facility Maintenance:

  • Integration of NSSS capabilities, I&C, Welding, MMC, Valve, RP, and Staffing Services best positions Westinghouse to execute self-sufficient, comprehensive outage service scopes.
  • Leader in Outage Optimization delivering Innovative Solutions for routine and emergent issues
  • An integrated team focused on Outage Excellence, with Single Point Executive Leadership and Accountability.
  • One multi-disciplined team, focused on a singular goal to partner with the customer to achieve Safe, Predictable Outages that outperform utility cost & schedule objectives.
  • Reduced Overall Commercial Risk due to single entity contracting model - No barriers or delay risk between NSSS and MMC.
  • Efficiencies and staffing reductions that create direct Cost Savings each outage for our customers.