Reactor Coolant Pump Refurbishment Services

Westinghouse has extensive expertise and experience in the design and manufacture of reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) for the global nuclear energy market. More recently, we have worked with our customers to provide for continued dependable operation through refurbishment, and not replacement, of their RCPs. With more than 50 successful projects for the U.S. nuclear fleet, Westinghouse is the premier industry leader in RCP refurbishment services.

As an RCP original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Westinghouse maintains and has ready access to original as-built records. We also maintain a renowned, licensed nuclear service center and possess in-house component manufacturing capability that, when combined, provide the resources to:

  • Keep RCPs running in peak condition
  • Reduce maintenance costs and improve plant reliability
  • Increase the on-time delivery of parts, products and services
  • Provide reliable, quality, affordable and timely refurbishment services

Return Your RCP to Like-new OEM Condition with the Industry Leader in RCP Refurbishments

  • Westinghouse possesses additional capability and experience in RCP decontamination prior to refurbishment through a state-of-the-art machine shop at our service center
  • Westinghouse OEM design and field engineering expertise can support the evaluation of anomalies, the assessment of inspection results and the management of upgrades for increased reliability of the RCP equipment

Contact Westinghouse to align your plant's asset management needs for the long run. Learn more about our RCP refurbishment services by contacting John Howard, Phone: +1 412-742-5456.

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