Piping, Stress Analysis, and Supports

The Westinghouse Solution

The Westinghouse BOP and Design Engineering piping analysis group has decades of experience in piping design and modification analysis in the power generation and other industrial facilities. The piping group maintains full engineering capabilities for the design and analysis in both Safety-Related and Balance of Plant applications.

Services Include:

  • Piping Layout and Isometric Generation
  • Pipe Rupture Evaluation Pipe Stress Analysis inaccordance with ASME Section III, Classes 1, 2, and 3,and ANSI B31.1 knowledgeable in and/or utilizing several software codes
  • Piping Vibration Evaluation and Analysis
  • Plant Modifications and Constructability Reviews
  • Heat Transfer Analysis for Class 1 Piping Thermal Transients
  • Class 1 Piping Fatigue Analysis
  • Duct Support Design and Qualification
  • Support of Construction - before and during outages
  • Finite Element Analysis of Integral Welded Attachments and Equipment Nozzles
  • Piping Support Qualification
  • Fluid Transient Forcing Function Development
  • Startup Testing, Plant Outages and Plant Restart Support
  • Seismic Qualification of Equipment and Equipment Supports

Piping Engineering Software

  • ANSYS™
  • PepSPipestress™
  • ADLPipe™
  • SuperPipe
  • TPIPE™

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