Valves - Spare Parts & Replacements

The Westinghouse Solution

Westinghouse Parts Business maintains the expertise and brings industry-proven teaming partners together to provide utilities with turn-key valve asset management solutions including spare parts fulfillment, custom parts kits, reverse engineering, repair, and replacement valve assemblies for code, safety and non-safety related applications.

Reverse Engineering

Westinghouse has a streamlined approach to reverse engineered solutions for valve parts, valve repairs, and emergent valve support needs.

Low-Cost Standard Designs

Westinghouse Parts Business has partnered with Samshin LTD to support low-cost replacement solutions with standard designs for obsolete ASME code, safety related non-code, and non-safety related valves.

Troubled Valve Solutions

Through partnership and internal resources Westinghouse can offer comprehensive valve repair and/or replacement for emergent situations, obsolete valves, and valves which require replacement due to degradation or poor performance.

Westinghouse OEM

Westinghouse provides life cycle management for original Westinghouse gate and check valves through:

  • Valve design and analysis capabilities
  • Utilization of system and valve knowledge to solve problems
  • Application of knowledge of codes and standards and generic letters
  • Spare parts and inventory management
  • Expertise in valve upgrades



Westinghouse technology is fundamental to nearly 50% of the world's nuclear reactors. Now, that same trusted expertise is delivering the services and parts to meet the needs of 100% of the nuclear plants across the globe.

Experience and Partners

Westinghouse provides a wide range of mechanical replacement parts, components, consumables and engineered solutions to support NSSS and BOP applications and systems, including over 5,000 ASME Section III Code valves supplied to the nuclear plants worldwide.

Westinghouse provides Valves and Parts for manual, motor and air operated valves

  • Ball
  • Butterfly
  • Check
  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Control

WPB is excited to be collaborating with Samshin Ltd to provide replacements for obsolete valves using low-cost Samshin designs. Samshin has been manufactured hundreds of Westinghouse designed valves and valve parts for application across the globe with reliable operation for over a decade.