Aging Plasma Displays

Aging Plasma Displays

Westinghouse is now able to replace aging plasma displays installed in the following units with new and improved LCD display kits:

  • Inadequate Core Cooling Monitor (ICCM),
  • Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation System (RVLIS),
  • Qualified Display Processing System (QDPS), and
  • System Information Display Systems (SIDS)

Due to obsolescence of specific plasma displays for these particular models, replacements have not been available for close to a decade.

Purchasing a new fit and function LCD display kit to replace an old plasma display, or to keep a spare on hand will enable continued operation without interruption. Since display kits have not been available for purchase since 2010, previous displays will begin to slowly degrade by losing pixels and eventually becoming illegible—possibly posing a maintenance or safety issue. New LCD display kits are upgraded with newer technology, resulting in a display that has lower power consumption, is lighter weight and provides a crisp clear display image.

Contact your Westinghouse nuclear parts specialist with any questions or to place an order.