Remediation planning is a critical event at a nuclear plant's end of life.

The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) “Integrated Approach to Planning the Remediation of Sites Undergoing Decommissioning," (IAEA NW-T-3.3) report outlines a broad spectrum of considerations associated with this activity. Westinghouse has a range of remediation experience with plant sites, facilities and uranium mines and mills both privately and nationally owned.

The Westinghouse approach begins with a detailed action plan that is designed to resolve many fundamental issues. Westinghouse’s custom action plans integrate all necessary knowledge, including regulatory criteria, site characteristics, types of waste, and public and policy management.

Westinghouse’s engineered solutions reduce remediation costs while providing a high level of safety and addressing the following project aspects that are critical to success:

  • Developing master plans that leverage strategic planning tools for optimization
  • Preparing risk assessment, contingency planning and feasibility
  • Understanding state, local, and federal interactions for relations, codes and compliance
  • Managing capital planning and finance
  • Providing project management for the removal / remediation

With more than 50 years of global experience in supplying proven, high-quality nuclear services, Westinghouse offers customers the benefit of our expertise, based on an integrated approach to decommissioning and remediation.