Maintenance, Modification and Construction Services

Westinghouse offers on-line & outage maintenance and project implementation integrating a full line of specialty services from radiation protection to complete valve maintenance, specialty welding and electrical/I&C services.

Maintenance, Modification and Construction

Our business approach has built longstanding partnerships with our customers, through aligning operating objectives and our proven ability to help our customers better manage and service their operating assets.

The company's broad array of in-house capabilities and teaming agreements position us as an experienced supplier, offering procurement and construction packages for major component modifications, such as steam generator replacements, reactor vessel head replacements, condenser change-outs, moisture separator re-heater upgrades, emergency diesel facilities, and many more.

Our global engineering, installation and modification services workforce is a mix of highly skilled technical and craft personnel who focus on safety and quality to deliver predictable, successful results.

Our innovative approach to project management and services delivery results in lower costs and higher productivity. Our long-term relationships with much of the utility market for over 40 years offers proof of our consistent results providing safe, high quality engineering, construction and maintenance services that drive operational efficiency and support continuous improvement.

Maintenance, Modification and Construction Services

  • Team room leadership
  • Financial management
  • Union and non-union capabilities
  • Planning and scheulding services
  • Full managed task or staff augmentation
  • Outage performance improvements
  • Project management
  • Project controls
  • Plant modifications
  • Major capital projects
  • Containment management
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Scaffold management programs
  • Lithium battery & inverter replacements for station battery systems
  • Specialty & bulk welding and pipe installation
  • Full scope valve maintenance
  • Turbine services
  • Civil - all aspects
  • Instrumentation & Controls mods and upgrades
  • Electrical installations, maintenance & TP&L
  • Radiation protection
  • Automated Monitoring Services
  • Confined space, FME, firewatch
  • Industrial safety & human performance oversight
  • Cost effective in-processing services