Managed Staffing

Managed Staffing

Staffing Solutions provides Managed Staffing, Managed Services and Vendor Neutral programs using a variety of different vendor management systems (VMS) or project controls systems (PCS) that are designed to provide customized contingent workforce and/or technical workforce management solutions. Our dedicated on-site teams focus on best-in-class strategies that provide performance metrics, visibility, safety, compliance, productivity and cost savings improvements.

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) perform as administrators of the process, simply forwarding information and creating reports. These providers typically do not have the breadth of technical experience or knowledge to provide true value to the workforce management process. We have partnered with over 200 firms nationwide to provide qualified candidates to our customers and are experienced in using a wide variety of high-performance vendor management systems. We have certified in-house project managers and execution teams that work with our on-site teams to implement complex large and/or small-scale managed programs for our clients.

Our on-site technical staffing teams understand your needs, understand the market drivers for talent, have internal access to technical resources for professional screening assistance, have a comprehensive understanding of rate benchmarking practices and are focused on providing you with the right talent, at the right time, at the most competitive market rate.

We also understand the importance of having strategic supplier partners as part of our sourcing and fulfillment strategy; inclusion of a variety of suppliers' results in a diverse pool and a greater reach of talent, and a business strategy that provides a competitive landscape that creates additional cost advantages for our clients.

Staffing Solutions Offers Various Managed Program Models

  • Master Supplier or Hybrid Model – We participate as a source of talent for customer programs while developing/utilizing a diverse base of qualified suppliers to create a rich talent pool from which to draw resources.
  • Vendor Neutral Model – We manage the client’s contingent workforce program without directly participating as a source of talent using a VMS.
  • Managed Services – We provide a technical supervisor and a technical team to work on-site with our client to provide a technical staffing hybrid model. These technical teams are managed by us but typically work under an SOW providing supplemental support to our client’s on-going project needs.

Our Capabilities

  • Life cycle management
  • Migration strategies
  • Safety training
  • Orientation
  • Employee relations
  • Supplier management
  • Retention programs
  • Site compliance of policies & procedures
  • Recruiting
  • Experience in using a wide variety of high-performance vendor management systems (VMS)
  • Workforce planning
  • Labor market bench-marketing
  • Cost compliance
  • Resume screening & skills assessment
  • Mobilization/demobilization planning
    • Program performance metrics
    • Supplier performance scorecards
    • Survey reports - customer, manager, employee satisfaction
    • Ensure legal risk management standard for client protection
    • Track minority & diversity spend
    • Ad hoc reporting